Food & Beverage Processing Plant
Polyurethanes: The Popular Choice for F&B Industry Flooring

Better heat resistance and improved chemical resistance than epoxy or MMA alternatives. Epoxy cannot withstand more than 65°C

Our flooring systems will provide surfaces that comply with strict food industry regulations for a very long period of time.

Polyurethane systems are ideal in the food and beverage industry as they are able to withstand the sector’s unique challenges. Without an adequate finish underfoot, food and beverage plants are vulnerable to a long list of unwanted costs and problems.

Polyurethanes exhibit a very high level of chemical resistance to corrosive substances, solvents and foodstuff by-products such as acids, alkalis and salts as well as hot oils, blood, sugar syrups and fats.

Some benefits of polyurethane flooring are:

  • Satisfy FDA floor covering requirements.
  • Seamless – does not give mold, mildew or bacteria a place to grow
  • Tough and Durable
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Provide a safe walking surface
  • Zero VOC’s and no odor while being applied
  • Rapid Cure times for quick installations and reduced downtime